Crash Break


Reproduce exceptions as failing tests

Dump - restore - test and always be prepared if something goes wrong!

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Generate a failing test

The idea of CrashBreak is to generate a failing test for production errors and reduce your work to just running the test and fixing the exception. The test can also be generated by us on a specific branch, ready to fetch!

Send everything you need

You can adapt our system and libraries for your needs. Our goal is to make a fight with exceptions simple like running a unit test. That's why you can send us anything you need to fix the problem as easily as possible.

Integrate with your flow

Integrate CrashBreak with the CI server, your GitHub server, AWS and many more. Our libraries are suited for programmers and can be adapted to do whatever is necessary to overcome the exception.

How does it work?

Make your fight with errors faster and easier!

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Check out how our team uses CrashBreak with the test framework, GitHub and CI server integration!

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