Crash Break


How we use CrashBreak ?

Test framework

You need a test library for running request test. It reproduces your production env piece by piece. You can use whatever you want and create a custom template for the CrashBreak test.


We use integration with GitHub, so our library can create a new branch and push the test into it. Just pull it and fix it!

CI Server

When your fix is ready, just push it to your repository. CI server confirms your fix and can create a pull request from the exception branch if all tests pass.

How our setup works

Do I need to use the whole flow?

Of course not! If you don't want to use GitHub integration you can generate the failing test by running one simple command with the error id from our system! The CI server is also only an extension, so you can do it all manually, but our goal is to make the programmer's life simpler and for this, integrations can be really helpful.

How can I expand and add more features?

You can write custom serializers, integrations, dumpers and restorers. For all this, check out our extensions page! We tried to make our libraries easy to adapt or edit and give you the opportunity to do anything that can help you to fix the bug.

Make your fight with errors faster and easier!

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