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Extensions for CrashBreak

Database dumper

Dump the database and send it to the AWS server. Currently there are predefined settings for mongodb and postgresql.

Request dumper

Stores all request data (url, body, headers) that will be used in reproducing the request test.

Session dumper

Stores session data for current user to be merged when restoring in additional restorers middleware.

Summary serializer

Summary data are displayed in the first tab of error view and in email notification.

Default summary serializer

Default fields are: action, controller name, file, url, user agent.

Hash serializer

You can add your own tab with data on error show view by creating a custom serializer into hash (JSON) format.

ENV serializer

It's an example of a hash serializer. It just wraps up ruby ENV class.

Can I write my own extension?

Sure you can! CrashBreak has a very easy API and tries to be extendable as much as possible! We give free plans and a place on our 'hall of fame' page where you can link your email or GitHub account!

Do you plan to support more than Ruby?

Currently we are testing the idea, but we are also planning to support more platforms in the future. If you like the idea and want to help us you can become a contributor! Just send an email at!

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